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our studio is FOR SALE!

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Our beautiful studio is FOR SALE!

2 studio's, 2 control rooms and lots of gear

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About Split Second Sound

Split Second Sound are a professional high end studio in Amsterdam and currently for sale. Since 2004 we’ve been producing, recording, mixing and mastering music, non-stop, for artists from all over the world. Now it's time for new adventures in life. Are you interested in buying our top notch studio? Read more about it HERE!


Recording at Split Second Sound is more than a technical ride. We provide a solid pre-production, we give composition advice and detailed artist feedback while recording and we guide you smoothly through the whole production process, getting the best out of you and your project.


We have the quality gear and great acoustics for great recordings... but what really distinguishes us is our knowledge of various recording techniques, an ear for good music and the ability to meet a musician’s needs. Our laid back approach, relaxed atmosphere and legendary collection of chilli sauces will make you feel at home straight away!

 Mixing & Mastering

We’ve mixed and mastered hundreds of albums. Check out some of our work here. Send us your recordings for re-amping, mixing and mastering and we’ll turn it into a killer track.

Are you looking for voice talents or audio post-production services? Please visit our sister company Studio Hamerkanaal

Our Team

Once upon a time they met at their Music Technology course. Now they are Split Second Sound.

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Jochem Jacobs

Baldest man in the studio

Energetic guitar player with a huge passion for music and sound. Jochem has an enormous expertise in production, mixing and mastering. In his spare time he plays the guitar (ex-Textures) and designs and makes custom bags and backpacks.

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Sander Van Gelswijck

Tallest man in the studio

A true Amsterdammer, an impressive 6.5 feet tall; Skilfully handles any key, printed circuit board or mix. (Live-)Mixing, recording and sound design are his forte. Blessed with a specialist technical knowledge of recording equipment. Plays the guitar and is a fearless rider of his downhill bike.

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Bouke Visser

Chattiest man in the studio

This talkative Northerner gets the best out of any musician and is an expert in production, vocal recordings and sound design. Creative saxophonist with funksters KissMeKillMe. Bouke loves riding his road-bike and eating fries. (Great combo!)